Recycled is sexy

Recylced is sexy!

recycled is sexy - kismet yogastyle

Kismet Yogastyle Fashion Is Sustainable!
We believe that those who care to dress fashionably also care to be responsibile. The Yoga philosophy challenges us to be mindful in how we treat ourselves, others and the environment. The new Asasara collection is made from  Newlife Yarns  a unique, complete and certified system of recycled polyester filament yarns coming 100% from postconsumer bottles sourced, processed into a polymer through a mechanical process, not chemical, and spun into yarn. The fabric made from this yarn is extremely soft, comfortable and breathable and meets the highest expectations on active wear.

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Laruga Glaser – Astanga Yogateacher
“Bra Top Siwa and Yoga Leggings Devi are my favourite pieces. The purple colour is very sensual. The combination feels like being naked, just better. I try to be concious and mindful with everything I do. When recycled feels so comfortable and looks so sexy than it fits perfectly my personality.”


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