Fleur Jagst – Tänzerin & Schauspielerin

Fleur Jagst ist Tänzerin und leidenschaftliche Yogini. Geboren in Holland arbeitet Fleur international als Tänzerin und Model. Fleur ist im Moment life on stage in Amsterdam zu sehen!

“I have been dancing ever since I can remember. It makes my heart sing. That feeling when everything falls into the right place with the music, rhythm, movement, mind, body & soul and it connects. It Flows. It’s the best.But of course it’s hard training and because you’re always reaching out for the best and the next level it comes with injuries and pain. But I discovered that Yoga helps me a lot with that. It stretches the body in such a natural way (what dance techniques not always are) that it soothes my body but it still keep and making it strong. It’s such a relaxing way of training the body, mind & soul that you can find the same Flow in Yoga as in dance. It pulls me back out of the stressed world where we live in and brings me back to my soul. Then I know where & who I am again if I sometimes forget. ”

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