Anastasia Shevchenko

My name is Anastasia Shevchenko, I’m a yoga teacher in Berlin: I was born in Ukraine, raised in Canada, and now I live in Germany. I first started practicing when I was 15 because of scoliosis and ever since yoga has been an integral part of my life. Not only yoga helped me to straighten my back, it also healed me on numerous occasions including a complete recovery after a terrible snowboarding accident. For the past few years I have been teaching yoga: at studios, at fitness clubs, at homes, in the offices, in the parks, even at an art gallery. My yoga classes are a combination of Ashtanga and classical Hatha yoga, where concentration on the breath is the most important element. For me yoga is a method of bringing more awareness in one’s life, it involves a continuous process of learning about oneself and the changing world around us. This is exactly what I try to teach my students, and it is my way of life too. Find me here Kismet Yogastyle Yoga Leggings Devi Kismet Yogastyle Yoga Leggings Devi Gita Bra Top Thailand

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