about us

Hello, we are KISMET Yogastyle. With great devotion we practice yoga and meditation for many years. Yoga is our daily source of strength and inspiration.

Sylvia:Yoga changed my lifestyle, so I felt the need to create a brand which sees yoga clothes as part of a modern yogi lifestyle. I took time off and practiced yoga in diverse places such as Mysore, Goa, Koh Phanghan and Brazil.
During these travels I worked nearly every day on the idea of KISMET-Yogastyle and I was inspired by everyone who crossed my path. Inspired and helped to sharpen up the ideas of what was really needed in terms of yoga clothing.
I was very lucky that some of the people I met while traveling, also became part of the company.

Creating Kismet … It started with a feeling, a need to develop a yoga collection that works for like-minded modern women and men. Talents merged. The seed grew. Kismet was born. A pathway was courageously taken. The Kismet collection combines comfort and functionality without compromising on style. We are devoted yoga practitioners as well as modern women, living a modern lifestyle. We think urban and contemporary and we want to feel comfortable. Authentic and stylish, on and of the mat.
The company philosophy is deeply grounded in our beliefs of fairness and equality and the power of inspiration and friendship. Our manufacturers are small businesses of high quality and social standards.
The modal we use for our feminine and flattering styles is produced by Lenzing yarns, which guarantees best quality, a natural source and a sustainable production. For leggings and bras we selected carefully recycelt Polyester in a very high and soft quality. Our comfortable and fashionable men’s wear is sustainable produced in a cotton-modal-mix.
All fits support Yoga movements in the perfect way. We believe, for modern people, leisure time is the ultimate luxury. Kismet combines comfort and functionality without compromising on style.
For the Yogi collection we choose a Modal /Cotton blend, with a wonderful soft touch, providing the ultimate comfortable feel and fit. The kismet yogastyle collection is created and designed with all our love and passion for yoga, for you to fully enjoy the wonderful experience of Yoga, which helps clearing away whatever is in us, that prevents us from living our life in the most full and whole way.