Yoga Retreat Santrorini, Greece

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Core Vinyasa Yoga Retreat Santorini, Griechenland

11. – 18. September, 2017
with Sonia Taylor Bach & Sadie Nardini

Our Yoga Retreat Santorini came just in time. As if the universe wanted to give us this time, we came to the last minute !! Just two last places free for yoga holidays with Sonja Taylor Bach from Yogaloft Cologne and Sadie Nardini Yoga Rockstar from L.A …. and that also on Santorini, the famous Greek island, which we wanted to see anyway with our own eyes. 1000 Thanks to Sonja and Sadie for daily demanding Vinyasa Flow yoga classes, the wonderful people we met, the beautiful conversations, beautiful music and great atmosphere throughout the week. A top class sailing turn with goose bumps sunset made. Relaxed hours by the pool or in the picturesque streets of Santorini. An unforgettable time in which we were able to regain strength and new energy. New friends have met and been inspired and have returned to life. “Stoke Your Fire” – that was the motto of the week. The carefully designed core vinyasa yoga, meditation & conversation program was offered twice a day in the morning and early in the evening and focuses on eliminating energetic blockages, anxiety and self-sabotage and bringing us clearly into our truth, authenticity and self-love real essence of our soul. It worked for us. And thank you also Karin Thyr and her husband Göran Eriksson for the great live music. In Sweden better known as the duo “Thyra”. Her voice to his guitar playing – a dream !!! Kismet Yogastyle has won new fans. Thank you for your wonderful feedback. We look forward to the next year when it says again: “ROCK WHO YOU ARE AND YOUR TRIBE WILL FOLLOW.”

A very special successful travel report can be found here wonderfully summarized by Maren Jaspert. Maren’s blog is a kind of colorful digital scrapbook, in which she on the one hand “sticks” her own thoughts and experiences around a healthy and balanced life but on the other hand points to many other great blogs, articles, books or films that inspire, inspire her or her just speak from the soul. Great Maren !!

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