Noble Mendis Batik Artist Sri Lanka

… from Nobel with love.Kismet lavender eye pillowWe are pleased to introduce Nobel Mendis, our new friend and batik artist from Sri Lanka. We met Noble during our stay in Moragalla. Noble is a member of Sri Lanka’s Art Society and has a beautiful batik studio in Moragalla-Beruwala. Noble is Yogi and Batik Artist, a local and internationally known artist, and masters this wonderful art craft like no other.Nobel’s art comes to life lovingly handmade. He is devoted to the traditional and very old technique of wax batik. The elaborate principle of wax batik is that the surfaces that are not colored or need to be coloured in a different colour need tobe covered with liquid wax. If the fabric is dry after the first dyeing, additional areas in that color can be reserved and this procedure needs to be repeated. The process needs experience and patients bydyeing and drying until finishing the motif.With this technique, Nobel Mendes usually brings entire paintings on textiles they all address the major life issues, man / woman / love / life / death.His paintings are charged with the rich symbolic language of Asia, and by looking at them for a longer time you go on an inward journey and discover new references again and again.Noble has designed your eye pillow as a unique piece.Each is a very special one-off!We are honored that this exceptional artist and yogi designed every eye pillow individually. And you get a small unique artwork with every eye pillow.With its colors and its symbolism each eye pillow stands for certain life topics, so that you find exactly the suitable for you and / or a loved one.After your asana practice, you relax your body and mind in Shavasana. Close your eyes and place the eye pillow on your eye. Focus your gaze inwards. The acupressure effect of the eye pillow relaxes the muscles around the eyes.Slow down your breath and relax deeply. The gentle lavender fragrance gives you peace and harmony.Lavender flowers have been used in medicine for centuries.We wish you a recharging relaxation with our lavender eye pillow!Namaste


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