Fotoshoot with Kilian Wieczorek

Together with Fany Fazii of we had a great time with Kilian in the attic! The Kismet Fotoshoot with Kilian Wieczorek, the Freeletics Ambassador Stuttgart was pretty sweaty! As an avid athlete, former swimmer, water polo and amateur triathlete and Feeletics Ambassador Stuttgart, Kilian is always on the move. Kilian is a professional fire fighter and absolutely passionate about sports. His daily training is important to him and Kilian tries to combine everything with training. One-sided training in the studio is not his thing, so he prefers to train in nature or just with us in the attic. The diversity in training is particularly important to him. Each bar of each bar becomes a training equipment. As the owner of the swimming school KiWi, he supports swimming for all children and teaches young refugees. Our photographer Fany Fazii almost made the Living Flag! We continue to train. Thank you for the great shoot !! Find out more about Kilian on Facebook..


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