Beate Tschirch – Yogalover


“With the openness of a child arises ease and joy”. Beate is not concerned with ability, but with making “Not the highest achievements are the goal, but curiosity and trying out in order to get to know each other and to learn something new,” she emphasizes. This curiosity also arose with Beate, so she has attended many trainings, further education and workshops with very inspiring teachers. Since 2011, Beate has been incorporating her gathered knowledge into her teaching, in order to adapt more and more yoga to people, not the other way around. Learn more about Beate


Beate ist Besitzerin des Yogalover Studios in Wiesbaden. Fortbildungen und Workshops: UNIT YOGA 200h • INSIDE YOGA 200h • Pranaflow 200h • Inside Yoga 50h Adjustments • Inside Yoga 100h Yoga Personal Trainer • Inside Yoga 100h Christiane Wolff Yoga Therapie • Inside Yoga 50h Richard Hackenberg Hatha Yoga Anatomie • UNIT Yoga 50h Prenatal • 50h Markus Henning Gieß Thai Massage • 30h Cameron Shayne- Budokon • 50h LuNa Schmidt Chi Yoga • 50h Sadie Nardini Core strenght Vinyasa • 20h Christine May Embodiing the Flow Prana Flow • 20h Seri Celentano Sequencing


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