The new collection

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The new collection. Fair Green Sexy. 

The Kismet “Shape Fit” is something really special. Kismet Yogastyle combines style and functionality in a unique way. The new Kismet Yoga Shape Leggings Lakshmi is something really special. The Yoga Shape Leggings Lakshmi has a slightly higher waist, which does not pinch or dig in. The wider double-worked waistband feels soft and the layer of powermesh inside is shaping your waist and hip curve beautifully. Garanteed no pulling in your downward dog and absolutely opaque in every move. The Kismet “Shape Effekt” gives your waist, hip and bum the perfect contour. We use RECYCLED polyester in an outstanding quality. The high-tech material slides on like a second skin and shows your beauty perfectly. The material contains 85 % RECYCLED POLYESTER and 15 % ELASTANE. Feel supported and just great on and off the mat. The new Yoga Bra Top Maja ist a further highlite in the new collection. The bra shapes your bust beautifully from an A up to an D cup! Feel supportet uin every asana. Enjoy exploring the new styles on and off the mat.

Kismet Yogastyle is sustainable. We believe that those who care to dress fashionably also care to be responsibile. The Yoga philosophy challenges us to be mindful in how we treat ourselves, others and the environment. Our fashion is made out of the natural fiber Modal, Recycled Polyester and Organic Cotton.

Kismet is fair. Kismet Yogastyle manufactures in Portugal. We only work with small family owned businesses that have been meticulously selected by us. Fair working conditions and reasonable wages are important to us.

Kismet Yogastyle Yoga Fashion is synonymous with quality. We want you to enjoy your Kismet products for a long time, this is sustainability in practice! “Sustainability” serves to protect our resources and to reduce waste piles.

Kismet Yogastyle Yoga Fashion is sensual. Super soft materials and flattering silhouettes create a unique feminine look – this characterizes the first Kismet Yogastyle collection. A perfect fit in al asanas is clear.

What now? According to our motto “Do all things with love”, we want you to enjoy the Kismet Yogastyle homepage and we hope you will be as inspired and excited as we are!


Sylvia Daun

Managing Dirctor Kismet Yogastyle GmbH


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